In the field of medical science and health, people nowadays take one’s personal health issues for granted. With simple problems that people suffer from, they just tolerate it thinking that as long as they can get used to it, and as long as it is not that harmful yet, they would try to endure as much as they can. But in the field of health, this is where the problem can become acute or transform into something serious.

If you know people who suffer from different kinds of health issues, you should be aware as a person who deals with them directly from time to time. For example, if you have a friend who says that they are feeling bad for quite a long time because of some small illness, make sure to observe them from time to time. Every now and then, if the patient is habitually feeling this way, then better check for the symptoms because they might be suffering from a dangerous illness.


A headache is not necessarily a pain inside the brain of a person. Most of the time, a headache is felt by a person because of the pain in some nerve endings that surround the brain. Since the brain is connected with the spinal cord, it has a lot of connections with the different parts of our body. But the main cause of headache is the sudden increase of blood flow in the body. On the other hand, there are circumstances that headaches can be caused by hypochondria which is a somatic disorder that happens when a person is thinking that they are sick. They would suddenly feel that they are really sick that makes them genuinely sick. So it is also important to see a life coach to help a person with this disorder get over this problem. 

For people, one of the most taken for granted illnesses is headache. Often times, people suffer from this simple but painful illness called headache. This kind of pain that people feel in their heads makes them feel that everything seems to be out of place. It is a medical illness that can be caused by a lot of things. Here are some symptoms that can be the reason why people suffer from it:



This is probably one of the most common headaches that you feel. If you have been sleeping so late and you have to wake up early, you might suffer from a serious headache. This is felt by a person because of the lack of sleep. People should keep in mind that taking enough rest and sleep should be done in order to give your body a time to replenish. It is not only your brain that needs some rest but also your body organs. So it is very important to take enough sleep to give your body organs a chance to have a break since your body works 24 hours each day, and 7 times a week. Just imagine a person working full time for these hours without taking a break. If you are this kind of person, how would you probably feel after doing these bad practices? You would surely break down. That is how your body organs feel too. So in order for you to avoid this headache every now and then, better be sure to manage your time properly. No matter how difficult it would be for your work or for your tasks, take time to take care of your body. Remember at all times that money would be nothing without a healthy body.




A lot of people can be over occupied because of too much tasks at work or in school. Because of this, people tend to skip meals in order to catch up with doing some tasks. However, in the long run, if people keep on doing this unhealthy practice, the health of a person might be directly affected. As a person, if you have too much work, and you would choose to skip a meal because of being busy, you might not work properly since your brain cannot function well anymore. It is important for a person to take a time for rest and have some proper meal to keep the mind and body working again. It is just like being overworked that would cause you a very uneasy feeling and that can also cause too much anxiety. These things are surely not good for your mind and body. So it is vital for you to take a rest even just for a while than risking the quality of your output just because you can no longer think right properly.





This is one of the most common sicknesses that people suffer from. Flu is an illness in the body that a person would usually feel because of a virus. It is a virus that can spread from one person to another because it is a communicable and infectious disease. In layman’s term, it can spread the virus from one person to another. A person suffering from flu may feel dizzy, would suffer from cough and sneezy or runny nose, or may suffer from intolerable headache. Headache can only be stopped if the virus would totally be gone out of the person’s body. So it is important for a person who is suffering from flu to drink plenty of fluids or take a water therapy in order to wash out the virus by urinating from time to time. It would surely help the patient to release all the bad toxins inside the body. Once the flu is gone, the headache would no longer be there too.




If you are a person who drinks a lot of coffee every now and then, your body would be very accustomed to the substance from coffee that is called caffeine. Caffeine is a substance that can help your body reduce its blood flow making your body unaffected by headache. But stopping the in take of caffeine in the body can actually cause the opposite effect. Once you stop from drinking too much coffee, your body would feel some headache. It is because the blood flow in your body has become normal again which has now a quick or fast blood flow. Some medicines have caffeine substance to stop the headache of a person.




The body of a human being is usually suffering from a lot of various and distinct kinds of pain. There are people who want to avoid these painful things by taking some over the counter (OTC) medications. But too much intake of medicines because of some petty things or conditions that the body can just tolerate can cause your body a lot of more sickness in the long run as well. Drinking too much pain relievers and other medications can cause damage to your kidney. Relying too much on synthetic medicines can cause high tolerance to the pain. So the next time that you would suffer from the same sickness, your body would not be taking this medication as a normal dosage for the body. Your body would look for a higher dosage making your body at risk for another high dosage pain reliever. So it is still best to avoid taking too much medicine especially if the body can just tolerate this. Instead, try to take alternative medicines such as herbals to stop these kinds of pain in your body. There are a lot of alternative medicines out there that can be more effective and safer for the body since these have no synthetic substances that can harm the body.


People tend to take headache normally. But people should keep in mind at all times that a headache should not be taken for granted. If there is a rampant suffering from headache, the patient should consult a doctor immediately because this might be something serious. It is always better to prevent unnecessary sacrifices, so it would be best to have a checkup from your medical doctor. There are also a lot of alternative medicines that you can take. There are also alternative practices that cannot harm your body because of its natural healing characteristics.


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